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Apr 6, 2013 11:05am EDT
will be held in chengdu, china. it brings together chief executives and global thought leaders to discuss national commerce and other issues. this year i am delighted to announce george washington university will become the first and so far the only educational partner for the "fortune" global forum. it will provide access for students and faculty and alumni to very important content that is developed there, but also our faculty expertise. it is now a pleasure to introduce today's speakers for this preview event. henry, better known as hank, paulson, was sworn in as the 74th secretary the united states department of treasury in 2006. thehe secretary, president's leading policy advisor on a broad range of domestic and international economic issues. in 2011 he founded the paulson institute, a nonpartisan center at the university of chicago, to promote sustainable economic growth and a cleaner environment. before he entered public service, secretary paulson held several leadership positions at chief executive officer. secretary paulson has long advocated the building of a stronger relationsh
Apr 27, 2013 12:00am PDT
users. >> rose: michael forsythe and henry sanderson, their book is called china super bank, debt, oil and influence, how china developed a bank is rewriting the rules of finance. >> you know, we all know champion's economy recovered vick questionly after the global financial crisis one of the reasons this happened is because of the system of local finance set up all across china that we discovered in our research was actually invented and formulated by this bank back in 1998, by 2008 when things started to go wrong in the global economy, the entire country basically had this system of local finance set up basically shovel ready products, 25 trillion r and b, 4 trillion u.s. dollars worth of projects ready to go, many of those shovels actually hit the ground and the economy recovered quickly and helps keep the communist party in power if you can give the economic goods to people. >> rose: the new computer digital age and the china super bank, when we continue. >> >> rose: additional funding provided by these funders. >> and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information se
Apr 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the implementation of many items on the agenda here in the nuclear order. russia, china and the united states for obvious reasons, and perhaps not so obvious reasons. really will create the necessary conditions for the progress, if not the sufficient conditions, on nuclear disarmament, on nonproliferation, including in the role in the u.n. security council, but also the role in the nuclear suppliers group, the nuclear fuel cycle in many ways, and nuclear industry where russia and china are perhaps the countries with the two most ambitious plans for further development with nuclear energy. so these three countries are absolutely indispensable and their cooperation is going to be necessary for progress, and so that's why we want to have such insightful speakers as rose gottemoeller, alexei arbatov and general yao yunzhu here to address you. now, i should say from the very beginning that two of our colleagues are acting officials from the government, rose and general yao. that means that among other people they report to the president. which also means if i get tempted to ask a question that i s
FOX News
Apr 13, 2013 9:00am PDT
: john kerry reaching out to china for help . the day for the missile launch closes in. kerry is in china urging them to use their influence to get north korea to dime back the dangerous rhetoric. i am uma . we'll talk to greg who has more on this. greg? uma, we are hearing a new call for north korea to back off the plan for missile launch and that is coming out of the meetingings that secretary of state kerry held with president of china and otherings in beijing. it is his second stop. according to cerpy, two countries are demanding that north korea refrain from provocative actings. china is north korea's principle ally and seen as key to get pyonggang back in line . we hear from new reports that the norths korea missile threat may be lessening. we -- they are saying there is no more movement. according to one source a launch is not impinent and we are hearing the same thing from a u.s. source here. preparations continue for the monday birthday celebration of the north korea founder, grandfather of kim jong-un and that date is seen as a possible window for the missile launch. there were
Apr 9, 2013 1:00am PDT
i don't think china wants at this stage. >> this new young leader of north korea is seeking bluffing, you think he's bluffing? >> he could be. we don't know. we have to assume that he's not. we have to operate on the assumption that he's for real. that -- or the fact that he could be blufg, can't get himself back in. he would have built up the wardrobes among his people. he has to take some action and that action could be a modified attack on south korea, but the new south korean president, president park said that she'll respond to any attack. not like the previous years. there were south korean attacks. president park has made it clear that she would not. that could cause events to spiral out of control. >> if north koreans do launch some sort of missile or attack as they did in 2010, they torpedoed a south korean war ship, they she would an island, a south korean island, killing some civilians there. the south koreans at that time and the u.s. did not retaliate. you're saying this time there could be significant retaliation? >> my understanding of president park's position is that
Apr 7, 2013 10:00am PDT
that, the global economy and more. >>> then, we found a way to convince china to start worrying about global warming, i'll explain. >>> morgan stanley predicted that china, india, brazil and russia will all slow down. check, check, check, check. so, what does he say about america's prospects? >>> then, we'll talk to the great historian ian morris. we'll take you all the way from the ice age to the far distant future. >>> first, here's my take. time for the fat and thin envelopes. the annual ritual when colleges send out admission and rejection notices to well over a million high school seniors. american higher education remains the envy of the world and it has been the nation's greatest path to social and economic mobility. sorting and rewarding talented kids from any and all backgrounds. but there are broad changes taking place at american universities that are moving them away from an emphasis on merit and achievement and towards offering a privileged experience for an already privileged group. state universities, once the highway of advancement for the middle class, have been utter
Apr 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
watching the runners finish. a third victim is believed to be a student from china. that person's name has not been released at the family's request. >>> chinese war ships patrolled waters near the disputed islands in the east china sea on wednesday, reportedly as part of an exercise. the senkaku islands are controlled by japan by claimed by china and taiwan. the vessels enter the waters on tuesday night and stayed until just before dawn the next day after conducting drills in the western pacific. they practice inexpecting and seizing suspicious vessels. a senior fleet officer was quoted as saying the islands are an integral part of chinese territory. and it is justifiable for the navy to navigate in the waters around the islands and that there is no cause for criticism. chinese media noted that april 17th is the anniversary of the signing of a treaty ending the japanese war of 18 5. china claims that japan stole the islands near the end of the war.5. china claims that japan stole the islands near the end of the war.95. china claims that japan stole the islands near the end of the war. >>>
Apr 3, 2013 10:00am EDT
china's economic, environmental, and political challenges. for jen magazine managing moderatedy serwer this discussion --"fortune" magazine managing editor andy serwer. >> it is a pleasure to welcome you to george washington university where we are honored to host a conversation, a preview event for the 2013 "fortune "global forum which this year will be held in chengdu china. it brings together chief executives of global thought leaders to discuss national commerce and other issues. this year i am delighted to announce at george washington university will become the first and so far the only educational partner for the "fortune" global for him it will provide and facultyudents and alumni to very important content that is developed there, but also "fortune" will have access to our faculty expertise. it is now a pleasure to introduce today's speakers for this preview event. henry, better known as hank paulson, was sworn in as 74 the secretary the united states department of treasury and light tent, two six. as the secretary, the president 's leading policy advisor on a broad range of do
Apr 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
rising tensions over the possible launch of a ballistic missile. >>> growth figures out of china have surprised economists. the world's second-largest economy still expanding but seems to be losing some steam. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in north korea are celebrating an important holiday as people elsewhere continue to watch the country's leaders. north korea's citizens are observing what would have been the 101st birthday of the nation's founder kim il-sung. leader kim jong-un marked the day by visiting his grandfather's mausoleum. >> state-run tv reports kim was accompanied by close aides, including his uncle and mentor. it was kim's first appearance on state media since a session of the north korean parliament two weeks ago. people in neighboring countries fear he'll mark the holiday by ordering the test of a ballistic missile. pictures out of pyongyang send a different message. presidents have laid flowers. at statues of kim il-sung and kim jong-il. >>> north korea's leaders have made repeated threats targeting people in other countries, in spite of repeated calls
Apr 22, 2013 4:00am EDT
westgate. after a weekend with china's leading entrepreneurs, we'll find out why they consider the last ten years to have been something of a lost decade. >> ross westgate, not with me on set. he's out in hong kong. he's been a busy guy, as well. ross, perhaps you can give viewers a sense of what they can expect from this special china edition of the show today. >> well, look, there's plenty to come, kelly. great to see you. it's been a bit of a whirlwind trip. i spent the weekend in southeastern china with the china entrepreneurs club at their annual summit of green companies. and this is basically probably the most important and biggest group of china private business leaders in the world. they include the grandfather of them is mr. tranchou who bought the ibm business collectively they have over $300 billion in rev fru back in 2011. gives you a sense of size and importance. they include china's second richest man, as well. we all hosted in this remarkable resort just outside kung ming. it's a little bit like being -- in the way they build these fabulous facilities. but what was most stri
Apr 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
, i believe. >>> a senior official in china's quake sichuan province has been fired after people protested the slow relief. they punished him on wednesday. 193 people have been confirmed dead in the earthquake and more than 12,000 injured. rescuers are struggling to reach villagers in the mountains cut off by landslides. frustration from those over shortages of relief supplies. a group of residents protested the local government tuesday. they carried banners saying they were cold and hungry. the agency said the official failed to fulfill his duties because he left his post when survivors were most in need of supplies. provincial authorities plan to make stricter arrangements to ensure donations and supplies reach authorities. >>> health authorities across asia have been on guard against the new strain of bird flu spreading in china. those in taiwan say they detected the first human infection involving the deadly h7n9 virus. a 53-year-old man after returning from the eastern province of gansu. after he came home, he complained of fever and fatigue and hospitalized a week later. te
Apr 24, 2013 6:00am PDT
's the first time the h7n9 virus has been found in people outside mainland china. >>> firefighters, soldiers and residents are searching for survivors of a building collapse in bangladesh. more than 70 people are dead. >>> and u.s. aviation authorities discuss problems with the boeing 787 at hearings in washington. they say they understand why the plane's batteries failed, but they don't know the exact cause. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." health authorities across asia have been on guard against the aggressive strain of the bird flu that's spreading in china. now those in taiwan say they've detected the first human infection involving the deadly h7n9 virus. taiwanese public health officials say a 53-year-old man developed the flu after returning from eastern chinese province of jiangsu. he stayed there from march 28 to april 9. officials say after the man returned home he complained of fever and fatigue and was hospitalized a week later. tests showed he had been infected with the h7n9 strain. the man reportedly had no contact with live poultry in china. so far 109 cases of the bird fl
Apr 19, 2013 7:30pm PDT
reports on the governor's hopes of partnering with china in the fight against climate change. >> it is not just commerce that is moving through china to the west, it is air pollution and greenhouse gasses. >> coming up next. captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> good evening. i'm joshua johnson. welcome to "this week in northern california." the manhunt is over for a suspect accused of the attack on the boston marathon. police have arrested dzhokhar tsarnaev in a boston suburb. meanwhile, a boy from contra costa county is recovering from the bombing. a family of aaron hearn said he could be released from the hospital soon. >>> there is plenty to discuss. joining us are paul rogers, environmental writer for the san jose news. jaxon van derbeken, reporter for the san francisco chronicle. and emil guillermo, a blogger for the asian-american legal defense. welcome. immigration in congress is getting attention these days on the farms and the sill valley. both rely on immigrant work forces. the tech sectors biggest names launched a campaign called forward u.s. the
Apr 12, 2013 2:30pm PDT
the troubling young leader, kerry believes china holds the key and he thinks it is time to stop the antics. >> china has the ability to stop the antics and i hope our conversations lay out a path to diffuse the tension. >> the problem is china has shown no ability to stop north korea in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. startlingay was the revelation on new intelligence. >> dias has it on confidence that the north has weapons capable of delivery, but with lo reliability. >> i choose not to comment. >> if north korea has the ability to build missiles, it changes the strategic map of this region. pyongyang can threaten seoul with thousands of artillery pieces but nuclear missiles threaten u.s. bases in japan and the u.s. itself. >> even if it is not there yet, the recent long-range rocket shows it is getting closer and closer. >> americans can say what we want adn the world community can say what they want but it northchange the fact that korea has nuclear devices and are working for full-scale nuclear capabilities. >> there is a sad logic. these pictures show the reality of life there. ox-car
Apr 8, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and also if war does break out, god forbid, the last thing china would want is a war on the korean peninsula, would ultimately have to result in a south korean victory and a united korea, which i don't think china wants. >> a lot of people think this leader is bluffing, seek to extort money from u.s., china, japan, do you think he's bluffing? >> he could be. we don't know. we have to assume that he's not. we have to operate on the assumption that he's for real, that -- or the fact he could be bluffing but not be able to get himself back in, that he will have built up the ward rooms around his people that he'll have to take some action, and that action could be a modified attack on south korea. but the new south korean president, president park, has said she'll respond to any attack. this won't be like in previous years where there were south koreans killed, were attacks made upon south korean territory and the south korean government accepted that. president park has made it clear she will not. that could also cause events to spiral out of control. >> there's reports if the north k
Apr 8, 2013 8:30am EDT
years. we are pickles in china. in fact, they left yesterday which is our second shipment, mongolia, the u.k. and very soon canada. in three short years, exporting has allowed us to grow our staff to 12 employees. that's 250% increase in employment -- [laughter] and by the end of 2013, we're going to do a million dollars in gross sales. and i hope 20% of that's in exporting. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. early on i had the pleasure of hearing ex-im chairman harper speak in north carolina. i was so impressed with his remarks that i went running out to the car, and i gave his driver, chris, a jar of miss jenny's pickles. and today we partner with the ex-im bank so we can let our foreign buyers have terms. because we have partnered, we now have our foreign sales increased. and now here's the fun part. it is my great honor and privilege to introduce our luncheon keynote speaker. with president obama he has worked the last four years to strengthen our economy, to help small businesses like mine and to open the world to american exports. please join me in welcoming our vice presiden
Apr 7, 2013 11:00am PDT
humans in february in china. if you're wondering how the viruses get these names that make them sound scarier, the h and n refer to protein on the flu virus and the numbers to the shapes. two science lessons at the end of one show. thanks for being part of my program this week. i'll see you next week. >>> welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. the stories topping the news. a young american diplomat is dead in an aattack on a u.s. convoy in southern afghanistan. a civilian and three u.s. service members were also killed. we'll have detailed. and north korea could be days away from testing a missile. tensions are so high on the korean puninls law it's creating a ripple effect. a u.s. missile test is being delayed so as not to send conflicting messages to north korea. and the family of megachurch pastor rick warren is in mourning following the suicide of his 27-year-old son. matthew warren battled mental illness all of his life. coming upering we'll go live to warren's church in southern california for reaction. >>> to afghanistan now. where six americans were kill
Apr 13, 2013 12:30am PDT
on the trade mission from china. we will get an update from john myers from shanghai. >>> the state continues fighting to regain control of its beleaguered prison after losing another round in court. >>> lawmakers are moving forward to reduce gun violence. >>> plus, sacramento basketball fans jump through more hoops to keep from the kings from leaving town. >>> and the exploratorium coming up next. captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> good evening. i'm joshua johnson of kqed news. welcome to "this week in northern california." governor brown is continuing the trade mission in china this weekend. he signed agreements between trade between china than california and help one of the polluting nations to improve air quality. he signed for a major development near jack london square. he promoted high speed rail. today, the governor presided over the reopening of california's trade and investment office in shanghai after ten years of it being closed. i spoke with john myers, political editor for kxtv news 10. john myers, welcome. >> good to be with you, joshua. >> how is governor
Apr 18, 2013 4:30pm PDT
indexes. >> china's chief labor -- well, at least that was the case -- but as costs rise, are some u.s. manufacturers thinking about pulling out? all that and more tonight on the "nightly business report" for this thursday, april the 18th. good evening, everybody, and welcome. i'm bill griffeth in this week for tyler mathisen. suzy, it's clear that technology is going to set the tone for tomorrow, don't you think? >> three big tech names in the news tonight, google, microsoft and ibm. three huge technology companies all reporting latest quarterly earnings after the bell tonight with mixed results. the results are important given new concerns about slowing global economic growth. and a sharp decline in the sales of personal computers this year. the report set up a flurry of activity in after-hours trading as the direction of all three companies will impact countless other tech suppliers and component makers on friday. and since ibm is the most heavily weighted stock in the dow, investors will keep close watch on big blue shares tomorrow. microsoft was the first of the big three to rep
Apr 26, 2013 7:00pm PDT
with japan. dempsey has also been talking with leaders in china. he says the chinese consider islands at the heart of a territorial dispute with japan a top priority. japan controls the senkaku islands in the east china sea. china and taiwan claim them. >> they did use the phrase core interests several times. i know that's really the -- their phraseology for issues of sovereign importance. >> a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry emphasized the chinese position using their name for the islands. >> translator: the islands are an issue of chinese sovereignty and integrity. of course, this matter pertains to china's core interests. >> chinese leaders have repeatedly used the term core interest to describe taiwan. they said they could not rule out the use of force to end taiwan's independence. diplomatic sources say the chinese may be describing the senkaku islands the same way to show how seriously they take the dispute. >>> japanese officials say a meeting of finance ministers from japan, china, and south korea has been cancelled. they say the chair country china made the decision
Apr 13, 2013 5:30pm PDT
all week. but in an important new development tonight, china has agreed to step in the middle to try to reign in north korea's threats and ambitions. john kerry has been hopscotching across asia in an effort to dial back tensions. andrea mitchell is traveling with the secretary. she has more now from beijing. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good eek, lester. secretary kerry claims success, but china complained that the u.s. has been too aggressive in confronting pyongyang. in beijing, john kerry tried to persuade china's president xi jinping to lean own his ally north korea, arguing that pyongyang's erratic young leader is threatening the stability of the entire region. >> mr. president, this is obviously a critical time with some very challenging issues. >> reporter: in whirlwind meetings with all of china's top officials, kerry won the commitment to get north korea to abandon its threats and restart nuclear disarmament talks. >> china is firmly committed to upholding peace and stability and advancing denuclearization process on the peninsula. >> reporter: kerry claimed china's p
Apr 9, 2013 10:00am EDT
about china. they are talking at increasing their defense budget by 10.7% in 2013. i remember in the 1990's when they increase their defense spending by 300% at the same time we reduced hours by about 30%. this is after the cold war. 11 people thought we could afford to reduce its. we did. we went down 30%. now we are facing the same thing. could it be that we will cease to become the partner of choice to our allies of this trend continues? does this concern you with the amount of increase that china is making? we have seen this in africa. , ity time we have any type moves in. they seem to have the resources to do something. >> it is concerning. ensure wespects is to have the right mixture for the asia-pacific so we can reassure our allies and our partners and the american people that our interests are protected over there. i think we do have to watch very carefully how the chinese military rises, what they do with the military and how the military is integrated into the environment. >> we were looking at the controversial hanger and beef that he made a statement that maybe sh
Apr 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
an earthquake hit china. the work is being hampered by blocked roads. >>> and japanese lawmakers visit a shrine within north korea reacts sharply. >>> welcome to nhk "newsline". u.s. prosecutors have charged the surviving suspect in the bombings at the boston marathon. they accused dzhokhar tsarnaev of using a weapon of mass destruction. he could face the death penalty. the 19-year-old suspect remains in a boston hospital where he is being treated for his wounds. the justice department said in a statement that he faces a second charge of malicious destruction of property resulting in death. prosecutors accuse tsarnaev and his older brother, tamerlan, of setting off two bombs last week near the finish line of the race. three people were killed. more than 170 were injured. the older brother died on friday after a shootout with police. u.s. media are reporting that dzhokhar tsarnaev told investigators that he and his brother planned and carried out the attacks by themselves. he said they were motivated by religion but had no involvement with terrorist groups. reports say the brothers learned how t
Apr 26, 2013 5:30pm PDT
with leaders in china. he said the chinese consider islands at the heart of a territorial dispute with japan a tough priority. japan controls the senkaku islands. china and japan claim them. >> they did use the term core interest. >> a spokes person for china's foreign ministry emphasized the chinese position using their name for the islands. >> translator: the islands are an issue of chinese sovereignty and authority. this pertains to chinese court interests. >> they have repeatedly used the term core interest to describe taiwan. diplomatic sources say they may be describing the islands the same way to show how seriously they take the dispute. >>> authorities in bangladesh say more than 3300 people are confirmed dead two days after a building that housed garment factories caved in. rescuers are still pulling survivors from the rubble. and workers are demanding to know why the building was allowed to day open. crews moved into a third day of searching through the wreckage of the building near the capital. rescuers have saved more than 2,300 people since the collapse. but it's feared hundreds
Apr 16, 2013 4:30pm PDT
.s. economy and the epeng crisis in europe. they cut china's growth to 8% from 8.2%. >> a slow down in gdp in china got the blame. but ford does not see it that way, they are protecting that 40% of the sale s will come fro china. they have doubled their capacity, scrambling to keep up with demand to keep up with the market. we have a closer look at fd's rapid expansion there and the challenges it faces. >> he is part of the new wave in china. car buyers turning the western part of the country into one of the hottest auto markets in the world. >> translator: in his mind, he feels that the car, the brand is good. and the service is also excellent. so this is why he trusts this brand. >> here, the gateway to western china, growth in auto sales is particularly good news for ford. at this plant, a new focus roles off the assembly line every minute and within two years ford will be doubling capacity in the area. >> this year, the total volume of the ford, were 600,000. so it's a big, big key. >> growing sales in china have been one of the top goals since he took over ford in 2006. at the time, f
Apr 1, 2013 8:30am EDT >> a discussion now on china/north korea relations and their impact on the u.s. you'll hear from john park with harvard university's center for science and international affairs. he talks about the strengthened relations between the countries' communist parties, the leadership of north korea's kim jong un and the unintended consequences of sanctions against north korea and its nuclear program. this one-hour event was hosted by the korean society in new york city. >> studio korea, and welcome to the korea society. my name is stephen harper, i'm the senior vice president here at the korea society. we'd like to welcome all of you, specialists in korean policy, friends of korea, and this afternoon we'd also like to welcome c-span viewers and thank them for joining us as well. we're delighted this afternoon to be talking about a very timely topic on the issue of north korea/china relations and to help guide us in that discussion is john park. he is the mit stanton faculty fellow. he is also an associate with harvard university's kennedy school. john, welcome. >> thank you. >> we're delighted to
Apr 7, 2013 11:30pm PDT
appointment with them and they set up a luncheon and with one of the biggest importers and china set another meeting with the china national building materials. it's like who you know in china. amazingly these people came to our hotel. they are the largest in the world. we hat a meeting with them and talked about the operations. they said can we come out next month and we are interested in developing a terminal with you. we set up a meeting of this group. i have a picture of them. they are coming to san francisco. as a result of the meeting we didn't expect to have with somebody who happened to know somebody else. it was just staggering. we had a sales call with is aing a force carrier, their general manager from brazil. a lot of the cargo sourced here is coming from shanghai. it we did travel to beijing and do we need to build or not? you got my vote that we do need to build it because we were able to travel to beijing, it was smoother than bart and on time and were there in 2-and-a-half hours. it's a great infrastructure and we should emulate and copy. while in beijing, we ha
Apr 16, 2013 7:30am EDT
,922. the government's announcement of additional spending cheered the market. and in mainland china, the shanghai composite rose 0.6% to close at 2,194. that's after falling for three straight sessions. shares gained ground on speculation about possible deregulation. >>> and gold briefly tumbled over 10% from last weekend in new york, hitting a 26-month low. it fell to $1,338 per ounce on monday. the lowest level since february 2011. investors sold the precious metal after the pace of china's gdp growth slowed in the first quarter of this year leading to concerns that demand for gold in the country would decline. gold is typically bought as a safe haven. expectations of a recovery in the global economy have prompted investors to buy riskier assets such as stocks. the latest chinese economic data has triggered further selling of gold. >>> japanese finance minister aso says he will seek the understanding of his group of 20 counterparts and central bank chiefs for the country's economic policy. leaders of the g-20 industrialized and developing nations are getting together in washington later this we
Apr 13, 2013 5:00am PDT
confident that a test firing is likely. >> secretary of state john kerry is in china right now talking to north korea's number one trade partner. our foreign affairs reporter elise labbott is in washington. what is the message secretary kerry is delivering to china? >> well a couple of things, alison. first of all he wants china to give a tough message to north korea to stop these belligerent threats, all of these provocative acts like getting its missiles ready and start finding a diplomatic way forward. he wants china to stop the illegal flow of arms and weapons that are helping fuel its nuclear program. >> why do they need china on board in order to keep north korea in check? is china that powerful to push north korea the other way? >> china is their main economic and political partner, really their one close ally not only in the region but the world. china has an important role to play, it can have a lot of influence. what the chinese felt the united states our influence is limited. if you look, china is not having any effect. there have been many times over the last few years that
Apr 4, 2013 5:30am PDT
from a new strain of bird flu in china. he age 7 and age 9 strain of bird flu has been found. >> for doctors in shanghai the race is on to find out as much as they can about this new virus. where it comes from and how it spreads. >> as for the 2 h 7 and 9 bird flu virus we have discovered, up until now we are certain it's a new virus that has infected humans. as of now we're still unclear it is. at >> unlike the more vir lieutenant h 5 and h hearly something has happened to make it dead limit tighter controls have been put in place at hong kong's boardercrossing points looking for signs of a fever and by coincidence this month marks the 10th anniversary of the arrival of sars here which went on the kill 800 people around the world. more than 1/3 of them in this city. one of the scientists credited with the discovery of the sars e -- because it is often not detected in birds until it's been passed on to humans. virus had become endemic and spread across china and beyond china and given the fact that it seems to be fairly silent infection, it can be even bigger challenge than
Apr 22, 2013 4:30pm PDT
being built, it's building up again. >> tell us about china. what are your customers telling you there about businesses? we are getting mixed reports about a slow down? >> i think mixed is probably the way to look at that. we have poks doing well. overall, the kmie knechinese aus have brought the growth rate down, that is exciting. it's still a good growth rate and there's a lot of things they are trying correct from the bubble they had there in the last five years. overall, the inventories have have come down significantly in china, and we had a couple of good months in terms of our sales and customers. our second quarter should look better in china. a bit more optimistic with china. >> you announced a stock buy back program, is there a number that you expect for caterpillar stock to be next year? >> we have quit a bit of cash on our books and with the price of the stock and the multiples, we felt it was an opportunity to do it. we will contribute a billion dollars under the plan that is outstanding and it's the strength of the balance sheet. we can take it and we felt it would
Apr 12, 2013 7:30pm PDT
he is visiting. long term. he wants a long-term relationship with china. more economic trade. more investment. more partnerships. he signed formal agreement was the chinese on economic issues. the governor is looking for business deals to bring back home. one was announced about development of the oakland water fronts. $1.5 billion with the bay area group. he has those goals. i think he has been successful. i think jerry brown will measure this in the long term, not short-term and what kind of economic activity will increase between china and california. >> john, what does china have that california wants and vice versa? >> what china has is it has money to invest. obviously this is a country that is a world power and fared better in the economic downturns than most countries around the world. there is a large growing middle class in china that has money. if you are jerry brown, you want it in two forms. you want large money for the deal we talked about in oakland and you want consumerism. you want them to buy california products. >> he is good on staying on message and staying awa
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